3D Box Maker creates virtual software box shot, ebook covers, CD covers, books,
 electronic magazines covers and most 3ds models.


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What is 3D Box Maker?

ExeIcon.com 3D Box Maker is a virtual packaging design tool. It creates 3D software box shot, vista  boxes, ebook covers, CD covers, books, electronic magazines covers and more. It allows you to create high quality web and printable graphics with just a few clicks! Free to try!

Try 3D Box Maker and boost your sales with the high quality box shots, and need NOT professional graphic designer and expensive graphic software! Not like other 3D box shot or e book cover software, 3D Box Maker uses advanced rendering algorithm, so it can create a wonderful and realistic final image with high quality. The following is the comparison. 
Click here to see how 3D box shot is created?    Click here to see a flash demo.

Hight quality sample 3D Box picture created by 3D Box Maker Low quality box shot and cover without anti-aliasing.

Created by 3D Box Maker

Created without anti-aliasing algorithm


System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or above.

Key features

  • 3D Box Maker contains many different shapes such as boxes, DVD-cases, screenshots, books, notebooks, magazine covers and so on. Select the shape or shapes templates and press render And Publish? it's that easy!

  • Allows you to fully control the box reflection, transparency and depth on the floor and adjust them to see the result in real time.

  • 3D Box Maker can create realistic shadows and ray. You can fully control them and make images look more realistic.

  • The simplest and powerful applications of this kind. By several clicks, you can get a realistic box image.

  • Integrates some common templates. Allows you save your own project.

  • An easily Image Editor is also integrated. It's very simple to add pictures, texts, shapes to the skin of box.

  • Frequently used textures, such as CD, box face and so on, can be found in the installation folder. Of course if you want, you can easily use your own cover image instead.

  • 3 kind rendering methods. High speed and good quality. ExeIcon.com 3D Box Maker uses many tricks for fast and efficient antialiasing.

  • Arbitrary image resolution from 1x1 to 4096x4096.

  • Support *.3ds file format. Click here to see some 3ds models.

  • Support 3d text. All true type fonts on your computer can be applied to 3D text. Click here to see 3D text examples.

  • Support transparent background. Final picture can be saved as PNG-24bit+Alpha, PNG-8bit, GIF(256Colors). 
    Click here to see how to make transparent background 3D box shot.


3d box shot maker screenshot hight quality 3d box shot examples



Click here to download the free trial version. 


3d txt, ebook cover, 3d photo frame and other editable 3d models.

Price & Purchase

Version: 3.1
Setup file size: 3.2MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 or above
Uninstaller included: Yes
Expires after: 20 uses or 15 days
Limitation of trial version: The unregistered version has some texts or black line watermarks on the final image.
Screenshots: View screenshot    Examples   Guide  3D text  Transparent Background
Download: Download the free trial version
Price: Personal License $49.95 ($79.95 sales)
Commercial Licenses $149.95 (5 Users)  $299.90 (10 Users) ...
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Purchase: The easiest and fastest way to order Mp3 Recorder is online, using credit cards. The ordering pages are on a secure web site that encrypts all transmitted credit card data according to the secure HTTP protocol. After  your order is processed, your registration code will be emailed to you right away!
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Resource: Download templates


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User Reviews

The 3D Box Maker 1.911 comes across as a credible utility for 3D box virtual package creation, and offers a range of customization features, to impart them a desired appearance. The program is found worthy of 4 rating points, for its extensive feature-set and optimized performance.

Editor of 
I am very pleased I found this product, after sifting through many out there, this one just satisfied my needs. Barry Smith
Thank you for this fantastic tool. Johnson
I found the program to be exactly what an Ebook writer and promoter needs. Roberson
This software is such a wonderful hand tool for my work... Frundy
I'm going to do this rating only because it does not include a tutorial. I think that I would have been able to learn how to use this software a little faster had it include a step-by-step example. After all, time is money. But, as to the software, it is "excellent". This is the only software that I ever downloaded to evaluate and ended up buying it the same day. Thompson
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